Today we go for a nerdy deep dive into one of the countless news stories we all read where they make callbacks to some scientific study that proved something or other true or false, harmful or helpful, and in this case cancer or not cancer causing. We go way past the headline that DeWayne Johnson was just awarded $289 million dollars in a suit against Monsanto where he claimed their RoundUp (Glyphosate) product gave him non-Hodgkin lymphoma. We go past the editorializing. We go past the summary on the cover of the study everyone is linking to.

Buckle up as we find out just what it takes to be able to competently evaluate the truth of one of these news stories for yourself! We bring in a professional statistician and step through the study results line by line to show just how complicated and open to interpretation this stuff can be. Then we discuss the ethics of leaving these determinations up to a jury of laymen that have none of the skills we show you today.


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