Our country has turned on us. It has rejected our values, ignored our desires… And instead chosen to follow the path of the people that want to destroy it or to turn it into some kind of socialist dystopia. It has literally spit in the faces of the very people, THE ONLY PEOPLE, that actually care about the principles that its founders built it on. We have been betrayed… utterly and completely betrayed.

We are the ones that have been calling for the just rule of law for years now while the other side riots in the streets destroying peoples businesses and ability to feed their families… and in some cases even destroying the homes their families live in! And now they, using the system we alone stood in defense of, have taken control of all Americans at almost every level of government. This system that we thought was so masterfully designed by our founding fathers has been perverted, broken, diluted, and bought and paid for through a hundred years of intentional erosion…

They took the schools and colleges to clone their ideas into our children that we trusted them with… They paid off a third of the country with our own money through welfare to get them to keep their votes flowing… They used every single catastrophe and crisis, stood on every pile of bodies that they could find, to justify and to grow their power. They have never even so much as missed an opportunity, no matter how small, to destroy the constitution itself. Companies they control erase our speech. Their environmental jargon seems to serve communism more than it does keeping our air and water clean. There hasn’t been an increase in our rights and freedoms to bear arms in 30 years! Given enough time it always slides their way- not towards liberty but farther and farther away! Sometimes slowly and sometimes by great leaps and bounds over night.

Lets face it guys… The republican party is an utter and abject failure. We are simply no longer represented by this party and now this federal government. Its hard to imagine but could it be that the left has pushed so hard and so fast that they’ve stretched the system to such an extreme that a flaw in the founder’s design is starting to show?

But now… Look… We agree that the founders were basically heroic historical anomalies… Somehow, for a brief few years, a group of people came together that were both genius philosophers and at the same time activists willing to die for their own freedom from tyranny. What they managed to create was the best and most free system that had ever existed in the history of the world! It was a beautiful thing! It shouldn’t have even been possible!?!

What, I think, as I watch video of patriots storming the capitol building, pushing through police officers… As I see a peaceful woman and veteran protester getting shot in the neck and dying today… What I think we are seeing is something that the founders simply couldn’t have seen at the point in history that they existed at. They knew the nature of a man given power was to become evil. They knew that their institutions of power needed to be checked and balanced… And they wrote all that down in our founding documents for us to have for our children’s children… 

But today we’re learning something about ourselves and about these systems themselves. At the end of the day they’re still just pieces of paper… They’re only as valid as people choose to hold them to be… And when there is power to be grabbed and controlled people will always inevitably start choosing to ignore the parts of those pieces of paper that stand in between them and that power. They will always choose to create different pieces of paper exerting more control, more regulations, ever growing their power…. And one thing is certain, the founders documents… one way or another… As awesome and revolutionary… and amazing as they were… They either designed a system that enabled people to do this to us or they designed a system that was powerless to stop people from turning it into a system that can do this to us.

What if our job now… today… is to pay respect to the founding fathers and their amazing revolution for liberty by acknowledging what they got right and also what they got wrong? I think they would want us to continue to try improving for the cause of liberty just as they did for us. In fact I suspect they’d be disappointed if we didnt! It’s in that spirit of respectful constructive criticism that I am talking through this stuff.

I think, and I dont think yall dont know this- it isnt rocket science or anything… I think that once you create a central power and it grows as it always will, the normal differences between people become vastly and grossly exaggerated. Are the people in our country just too different from each other now? I mean its gotten to the point where sometimes it seems like there are two different species of human! Hmmm… But here’s the thing, I’m not sure it is the people that have changed. What if what has changed is the government itself?

Before when the government was “small enough to be drowned in a bathtub” it didn’t really matter much if you were a liberal type or a conservative… We all could just lead our own lives by our own standards… Agree to disagree… Live and let live… And that was fine! In fact for some things we actually probably need some of the liberal types being concerned with making sure the downtrodden among us are seen to… We need the hippies and their art to entertain and to challenge us. The difference was that back then the government was too weak, small, and powerless to interfere with that freedom… that balance.

But now there is this monster with a pilot’s seat in its head… As it is right now we have to fight for our very existences over who gets to sit on that seat… on that king’s throne… because if it’s not someone that wants to live their life like we do we will be utterly terrorized, extorted, controlled, debased, and forced to fund things we consider to be evil for years… if not the rest of our lives by the changes the person in that seat will make during their term in office.

But that is where we are at. The weak spot in the founders plan has been exploited by the left and certainly by a few claiming to be on the right as well. People ignored their teachings… Their system… and grew the monster anyway. Listen — I’m not telling you what I think is going to happen… IT ALREADY HAPPENED. There is no going back, no preventing or changing it now. Lets be real… This is reality… The founders plan ALREADY DIDNT WORK. And here we are under the boot of this beast… And you and I both know that this monster is not, can not, and will not slit its own wrists.

We have all been taught our founding fathers words since we were little. “Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Wow. What a powerful statement that is… But you know what our public schools conveniently left out? It’s like they handed us a steering wheel to make us feel like we are in control of where the car is going but didn’t tell us that it needed to be connected to the steering column for it to work… What they left out is quite simply — HOW THAT CONSENT FUNCTIONS.

Did they even teach you what your consent is? Well please… Allow me! It is your agreement for something to happen. YOUR agreement… and MY agreement. NOT OUR agreement.

And there it is… The great lie by omission… The great intentional failure of our education system to teach us… and of our governmental system to represent us. Despite what the pinkos on the left, with their incessant screeching twitter mobs want you to think, consent only functions at the INDIVIDUAL level and it cannot be, collectivised. This lie is THE pustule of communistic poison attached to our roots… And it has been slowly killing the tree of liberty for the last 150 years! We are taught a lie about our own consent! That we give our consent to be governed collectively through the process of voting and of politics like we are all on their great commune or something!

Will you consider something for me? What if our “political” consent is actually the exact same as our consent in every other area of life? And that is just to say that our consent is Personal, that it is individual, that it is revocable at any time, and that it is decided between our own two ears without any perverted political system needed? Isn’t it absurd now that you think of it that a system that supposedly represents your basic consent, a simple yes or no authorization from you as an individual from between your own two ears, could be defrauded in the ways we are seeing in real time right now?

Revocable. Your consent… for it to be valid… for it to be part of the equation… has to be revocable… By you and you alone- as an individual! If you don’t have the ability to revoke your consent then are you really sure that your consent even matters? This is the fire alarm lever that the founders tried to leave for us to pull in case of emergency… But we were left blind to its existence, and I suspect that it was intentional. Because for a government to ever have just powers over you as an individual it requires your individual revocable consent… What better way to grow your power over people than to make them think they cant revoke it?!

What we are watching right now on the news… where our patriots are risking their lives bravely flooding the capitol building… We are watching people trying to make a change that they know they should be able to make in how they are governed. They know the power that is supposedly operating through their consent exists inside those buildings… So they are storming inside!

And then… once they make it inside… I think the reality of at least part of what we’ve been talking about smacks them right in the face. They are meeting the ghost that they were allowed to think was real their whole lives. A sort of superstition. Okay so they make it inside! They won! Now what? Where is the lever they need to pull to take back control over their lives and property and security and money and safety?!!! Where in that senate chamber is the tyrannical power being wielded against them to terrifying effect so that they can grab it and slay it once and for all? “We are here!” they scream in their heads! “NOW WHAT?!”

Nowhere… The lever is nowhere. The tyrannical power is nowhere. It was all a superstition. We can burn the satanic temple to the ground… We can destroy all of its statues and idols, and tapestries, and its pews… But we cant burn the religion!

So what now? Well first I think we have to incorporate the truth… That our consent to all of this is what creates it… Not the buildings or the laws or the flags or the procedures and elections. That if we as individuals think this government no longer represents us… Or that it has become our mortal enemy in so many ways that we all know it has at this point… That we as INDIVIDUALS need to revoke our consent to be governed by it.

If we don’t want to be a part of their socialistic paradise then we don’t have to be! If we don’t want to be drained of our livelihood through the extortion they call taxation to fund gender studies courses in arab countries on the other side of the world or to help kill unborn children– THEN WE DONT HAVE TO BE! If we don’t want our careers and businesses to be regulated into the ground over a virus then we don’t have to be subjected to those regulations! If we don’t want our children subjected to the same public schools that left us blind and vulnerable to our own capacity to consent and disconsent then they don’t have to be! And we don’t have to pay for it to be done to other children either!

So… Lets say you do that… you revoke your consent. What comes next is one of two things will happen. The government will leave you alone to be the free and independent person that you of right always should have been. Or… It will continue on as if nothing changed. Fining, imprisoning, or even killing you if you don’t play along or if you resist hard enough… It can only be one or the other. It either respects our individual consent and walks away when we revoke it… Or it does not give a damn about our consent or about governing with just powers and is a tyranny no better than all the others in history.

The point of freedom is that we do not control each other. No… that’s not the point of freedom… that IS freedom. As long as we are peaceful we do not get to control, or regulate, or tax everyone around us into behaving how we want… Not only do we not have that right- it is evil to even attempt it! And trying to back door it by using a “government” to do it to people is just as bad! Maybe even worse!

So, in embracing freedom… Mine and yours… And in respect to the founding fathers… I won’t tell you what you should do or what system you should choose to live under… But I’ll tell you what I am going to do and how I want to live and then in paying you the respect to live how you want I’ll ask you to afford the same freedom to me.

I revoke my consent to this federal government… To this monster that the founding fathers tried so hard to prevent. It no longer represents me. Its long string of abuses and usurpations have made it my enemy. I think I’m going to fly free for a while with those friends and family and business partners that I have around me that respect the values that I respect. Let some government system try to come along and court me for once! I’ll take my time and decide if it is worthy and just and fair. Who knows… Maybe we’ll find that we are better off on our own with no monster in our lives at all.

But I think for me. and probably you too, it would do us both good to sort of flex our consent for a while, to stand our ground, and reassert our existence and our right to be free of other peoples nannying and controls… To see who wants to rule us and who wants to respect and protect us for real. To see who cares about and respects our individual consent…

I mean really. What else is there for us to do at this point? Keep falling for the republican parties sales pitch? Shall we spend another 20% of our precious life span trying to work within their system to fix their system? After what we just witnessed over the last four years and over the last four months with this election insanity… Shall we keep trying it again and again and again like our parents and grandparents did? What do you think it’ll take… One more election cycle to fix things? Two? Honestly the prospect of where I think we’ll be after 2 more of these is kinda terrifying. No… I dont think it’s fixable and I’m tired of trying. The people on the inside with the power to fix it do not care or do not want to because its working just how they want it to. The people on the outside need to realize that and walk away.

I guess in closing please consider and remember the lie by omission about your consent. It is individual, it is personal, it is not collective or communistic through any of their processes… And most importantly that it is revocable. The government should only be able to justly and rightfully tyrannize you if you consent to it doing so.

If you disagree with me… If you still think this government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed… Just try revoking it sometime…. See what happens.

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