The Top Trump Apologist Excuses and How To Deprogram Brainwashed Statists with Larken Rose

This is an episode of Anarchast from before Patrick, Kason, and Disenthrall took ownership of the show. The views, opinions, and facts expressed in this episode have not been reviewed and are not endorsed by us. Always think rationally and for yourself.

Anarchast Ep.355

Jeff interviews Author of ‘The Most Dangerous Superstition’ and game designer behind ‘The Mirror’, Larken Rose. Topics include: Larken and Jeff predicted Trump’s bullshit, Larken’s ‘Candles in the Dark’ initiative to teach techniques to deprogram statist cult members, statists are fact resistant, some anarchists were neo-conned into supporting Trump, Trump apologists, Trump has turned out to be the same as Hillary would have been, Trump a sneaky lying bastard and we told you so, Nationalism and authoritarianism, Nationalist anarchists LOL, the political system will never serve the people, government actually governs by compliance, civil disobedience, the key to deprogramming statists is psychological, remember to click like on our videos!

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