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Matthew Short Interview – Gooberment, Taking Money, Open Carry

Our live interview with Dallas area freedom activist, Dont Comply founder, and bad ass Matthew Short. We ask him the 5 big questions for anarchists, he defines Gooberment, we discuss taking money for activism, the Katy Trail Armed Walk for Lives, and the tacticalities of open carrying pistols:

Episode: 0022

Part 1:

Full Live Stream on LBRY:

00:28 – Who is Matthew Short?
01:50 – 5 Questions for Anarchists
08:44 – Whats a Gooberment?
13:04 – Taking Money for Activism
18:28 – Katy Trail Armed Walk for Lives
21:43 – Tacticalities of Open Carry

Dont Comply Facebook Page and website:

Don’t Comply

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