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Lets Discuss Objectivism vs Voluntaryism with Victor Pross

July 24, 2020
LBRY: Read more

On Leaders and Leadership – Viewer Debate

July 24, 2020
Watch what can happen when people get out from behind their keyboards on facebook and actually talk about their disagreements. Its a beautiful thing! LBRY: Read more

Is NVC the Language of Voluntaryism?

July 24, 2020
We are proud to present this discussion with two experts (Darrell Becker and Scott Swain) on the communication methodology known as non-violent communication. We describe it, we go over Patricks past negative experiences with it, Read more

Larken Rose vs Hodey Johns Round 2!

July 24, 2020
Today we bring you Larken Rose and Hodey Johns for round 2 of their debate on minarchism, political activism, and voluntaryism! LBRY: Read more

Cul De Sac Commandos and The Rule of Law as a Red Herring FULL SHOW

July 23, 2020
Thank you supporters. Please enjoy this uncut live stream! Read more

DEBATE: Larken Rose vs Hodey Johns on Voting

July 23, 2020
Live debate between Larken Rose and Hodey Johns from the We Are Libertarians podcast on the efficacy of voting for freedom. LBRY: Read more

Anarcho Capitalist vs Libertarian Socialist Debate

July 22, 2020
Disenthrall is hosting this live Anarcho-capitalism vs. Libertarian Socialism debate! Not Governor Patrick Smith is representing anarcho-capitalism and Mike Shipley, Libertarian is representing libertarian socialism! Travis Hallman (lead-administrator of Ask A Libertarian) is your moderator. Read more

Lauren Southern vs Larken Rose Border Debate Analysis and Response

July 22, 2020

This is the second time I have corrected Lauren on this issue. For a more directed breakdown you should also check out our first video here: https://youtu.be/MFzmfVOzmmc

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Texas Gubernatorial Debate

July 21, 2020
Patrick Smith debates the other candidates for Governor of Texas. IS TAXATION EXTORTION!? Episode: 0116 LBRY: Read more

Marco den Ouden vs Victor Pross Debate – Borders and Libertarianism

July 19, 2020
Disenthrall is happy to host a debate between Marco den Ouden and Victor Pross. The topic will be state borders and libertarianism. The debate will be moderated by Patrick Smith. Episode: 0062 LBRY: Read more

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