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Austin Peterson Thinks Hiroshima Nuking was Justified

August 8, 2020
A ghastly take by Austin Peterson on the nuking of Hiroshima once again reveals the absurdity of political activism in the "Libertarian" Pahtay. Supports can watch the FULL live stream here: https://disenthrall.me/archives/3113 LBRY: https://open.lbry.com/@Disenthrall:8/Austin-Peterson-Thinks-Hiroshima-Nuking-was-Justified:c?r=53yZ7SPbkUz8ABuWbGEpFggxGhdz89fz Read more

The Military is Coming for 12 Year Old Children

July 24, 2020
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Reason Article – Why are WE in Afghanistan??!?

July 23, 2020

Article: https://goo.gl/i24KUB

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Petersen Owns Gary Johnson on Threats to America

July 18, 2020
Which one is truly negatively affecting your life on a day to day basis more -- North Korea or the US Government? 0033 LBRY: Check out our other reactions to the debate here:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUpZ-dOeospuSQBdsYcPiqOv5aNezk6Q9 Read more

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