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The Book Club – Do We Really Consent to be Governed by Robert Higgs

August 1, 2020
Today we bring you a reading of an article by Robert Higgs which you may find here: https://fee.org/articles/do-we-really-consent-to-be-governed/ LBRY: Read more

Objectivism and the State by Roy A Childs – The Book Club

July 24, 2020
A conclusive refutation of the politics of Ayn Rand and Objectivism and a confirmation of its true logical conclusion in Anarcho-Capitalism and Voluntaryism. LBRY: Read more

Money is the Root of all Virtue – Francisco d’Anconia by Ayn Rand from Atlas Shrugged

July 23, 2020
In today's The Book Club we share one of our favorite monologues from Atlas Shrugged. Francisco d'Anconia talking to a group of people at the wedding of James Taggart about the suggestion that money is Read more

The Case for Radical Idealism by Murray Rothbard – The Book Club

July 23, 2020
There are many people that do not have time or enjoy sifting through the mountainous volumes of written literature published by the great Libertarian thinkers who often communicate their ideas through long back-and-forths that mostly Read more

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