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Anarchast Ep. 259 Christian Blaze: Deathrow Democracy and Bitcoin Assassination Lists!

December 29, 2015

Jeff interviews Christian Blaze, topics include: nature is anarchy and we are part of nature, central power using war to solve problems, imposing views on others by force leads to war,  decentralization vs. power, the

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Anarchast Ep. 258 Michael Fielding: The Sailboat Diaries and Occupy the Woods!

December 23, 2015

Jeff interviews adventurer, activist and occupier of the woods, Michael Fielding. Topics include: inhabiting an uninhabited island, social contract theory vs state of nature, the ethics around property use, the challenges of self sufficiency, off

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Anarchast Ep. 257 Zen Gardner: You Are the Awakening!

December 21, 2015

Jeff interviews philosopher Zen Gardner, topics include: Zen’s book, ‘You are the Awakening’, facilitating the process of awakening, forming real communities with like minded others, you are not alone in this, the assault of Max

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Anarchast Ep. 256 Trace Mayer: Bitcoin Evolves as a Superior Store of Value!

December 17, 2015

Jeff interviews Trace Mayer at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference in Mexico City, topics include: internet traffic numbers are higher now than they were during the 2013 bubble, it could be one of the great

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Anarchast Ep. 255 Tone Vays: Quitting Wall Street to Join the Bitcoin Evolution!

December 13, 2015

Jeff interviews wall street veteran analyst turned crypto, Tone Vays, topics include: Brave New Coin, massive growth in Bitcoin start ups and investment, the challenge of making a profitable Bitcoin business, Bitcoin is not a

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Anarchast Ep. 254 Barry Rossinoff: Iboga for Personal Healing, Peace and Freedom

December 10, 2015

Jeff interviews Dzogchen Buddhist and Iboga Shaman Barry Rossinoff of Iboga Quest, Mexico. Topics include: Barry has known Iboga since the 1960’s, the addiction interruption properties of Iboga, its ability to profoundly change people’s lives

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