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Anarchast Ep.287 Eric July: Statism and Ancap Rap!

April 20, 2016

Jeff interviews epic Ancap musician and rapper Eric July, topics include: growing up a socialist and awakening to Anarcho-Capitalism, Thomas Sowell, economics of a band, the new music video project ‘Statism’ by Backwordz, William White,

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Anarchast Ep.286 Judd Weiss: McAfee-Weiss 2016 – A Protest Campaign For Liberty

April 18, 2016

Jeff interviews photographer, video maker and Libertarian, Judd Weiss, topics include: the inside world of politics is dirty, a most unconventional campaign video, an authentic campaign, running with John McAfee, the cat that is plotting

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Anarchast Ep.285 Michael Edelstein: The Anarchist Psychologist on Self-Esteem, Introversion & Anxiety

April 14, 2016

Jeff interviews libertarian psychologist and author, Michael Edelstein, topics include: overcoming introversion, stage fright, emotional freedom in one lesson, self talk, addiction, rational emotive behavior therapy, alcohol as a crutch and long term goals, Ayn

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Anarchast Ep.284 Virgil Vaduva: End The Police State? There’s an App for That! Cell 411

April 2, 2016

Jeff interviews developer of the community policing security app, Cell 411, topics include: the Cell 411 app taking off world wide, alternatives to the state solution, private security turns up to help only which the

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