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Live from Venezuela: Hyperinflation, Murder Capital of the World

May 14, 2016

Jeff interviews Mises Institute member Daniel from the barrios of Caracas, Venezuela. Topics include: Anarcho-capitalism in Venezuela, the trouble with socialism, the Mises Institute in Venezuela, $1 a day maximum withdrawal limit, long lines for

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The Great Libertarian Trump Debate – Adam Kokesh vs. Richard Heathen

May 8, 2016

In a completely new format for Anarchast, Richard Heathen and Adam Kokesh debate the pros and cons of libertarian support for Donald Trump. The two anarchist stalwarts come head to head in this sometimes very

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Anarchast Ep.288 Doug Scribner: WatchMyBit, Disrupting the Streaming Video Market

May 1, 2016

Jeff interviews Doug Scribner, creator of the Bitcoin powered video streaming website WatchMyBit, topics include: WatchMyBit, pay per view online micro-payments, ad free video, paywalls and piracy, WatchMyBit’s split engine micro-splits and charity, rights management,

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