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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Forks, Wars and The Future of Money with Roger Ver

February 9, 2019

Anarchast Ep.452 Topics include: Roger unable to attend Anarchapulco this year, Bitcoin Cash and the recent forks, Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin Cash, conflict with Craig Wright another internet conspiracy, Bitcoin cash is fast cheap and

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The End of Government, Illuminati and the Rap Game with Immortal Technique

February 8, 2019

Anarchast Ep.451 Topics include: the nature of government, the ruling class, Karl Marx was redundant in traditional sharing society, modern political theater, the modern illuminati are faceless corporations, preparing for permanent government shutdown, the modern

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Dayna Martin Discusses Anarchapulco with Johnny Dupre

February 2, 2019

Guest host, Dayna Martin discusses approaching the Anarchapulco experiences with main stage speaker, hypnotherapist Johnny Dupre

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