Matrix Server Information

Below is information on our private Matrix server that was built in response to the censorious nature of discord. You may access our server using the element client. All relevant information is also in the video tutorial.


Element Client Download:

Matrix Server Address:


There are 2 tutorial videos you can watch to learn how to connect. The first one is shorter and faster for people generally good with computers. The second one is much more slowly paced and is better for people less tech savvy. You should watch at least one or the other before creating your account in the app so you connect to the correct server.


We are not Facebook or Google selling your data to pay for things for you to use for free. If you use our discord server please chip in. We’re trying to raise $50 per month in donations to keep it going.

Matrix Server Supporter

Short and Sweet Tutorial
A Slow and Gentle Walkthrough

Discord Server Information

Below is a join link for our Discord server. Many of our people have moved over to our private Matrix server however as Discord as a company and service has turned out to be quite censorious. You might consider connecting there instead.

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