Today I respond to criticisms of my stance on intellectual property not being a valid form of property.

Additional info or things I forgot to or should have mentioned:

  • I keep mentioning copyright and patents… But IP also includes trade secrets and trade marks. They are problems in their own light.
  • Monetary compensation is not the only reason people innovate, and there are people that innovate without the presence of monetary compensation.
  • The following was also mentioned to me in feedback that I agree with 100%: “You also say that IP laws “right now” are stifling innovation. that implies that it’s just “gone too far” and a minor amount of IP might not stifle innovation. I think this is wrong. It’s like minimm wage: a $100 min wage would obviously cause massive unemployment; a $5 min wage , it might be hard to see the effects, and they may be small or trivial but we know by logic it has some effects.”

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