Try to imagine an alternate reality where we didnt ask police officers to enforce our every little whim… Where broken tail lights, selling single cigarettes on a public street corner, and what types of vegetation you happen to have in your pocket is not something they have to worry about or have to inject themselves forcefully into your life over…

A world where police could sit at the station ready to go out only when a real crime with an actual victim is reported… Like our firemen do…

A world where maybe the little things you think are important dont get forced on your neighbors and everyone around you and in return they dont get to do the same to you. Imagine being happy and feeling safe at the sight of a cop…

The power is in your hands. Stop voting your opinions into laws that these people are expected to risk their lives to enforce!

This concept of live and let live, of peaceful coexistence, is called the non-aggression principle.

Episode: 0040


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