The Libertarian Position on Abortion

Abortion is not a “just live and let live” subject… on account of the whole not letting live thing. “I dont think the government should be involved either way,” they say as they gleefully exit out the back door avoiding the controversial topic entirely. This is intellectual cowardice. The same cowardice that makes room for literal “anarcho”-communists in their circles. When you apply libertarian principle to reality in this area there is little room for confusion no matter how many “pahtay members” they risk losing or how loudly their pragmatists cry. I will apply that principle here in this article.

The Libertarian Position

All abortions are murder and NAP violations.

All eviction-deaths are murder and NAP violations differentiated only by where the culpability for the crime falls.

Not rape: “doctor” and mother are culpable.

Rape: rapist is culpable.

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– Patrick Smith

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