This is an episode of Anarchast from before Patrick, Kason, and Disenthrall took ownership of the show. The views, opinions, and facts expressed in this episode have not been reviewed and are not endorsed by us. Always think rationally and for yourself.

Jeff interviews economist, physicist, Libertarian theorist and son of Milton Friedman, David Friedman, topics include: David Friedman’s book ‘The Machinery of Freedom’, Libertarian views of Anarcho-Capitalism,  critiques of Austrian economics, differences between Chicago school and Austrian school economic though, Milton Friedman, consequentialism vs natural rights, creating a plausible argument for the absence of government, using the political platform to spread ideas, long term planning requires property rights not government, government short term by nature, Greece and Europe, the US economy, the role and cause of interest rates, the Iran controversy, Bitcoin, Sudbury unschooling and home schooling, Icelandic law and the Sagas, and more.

Bringing sight to the blind, clarity to the mud, and shining the light of day on the invisible violence of government. Creating Rebellious Philosophy, Risky Freedom, and Dangerous Thinking.

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