This is an episode of Anarchast from before Patrick, Kason, and Disenthrall took ownership of the show. The views, opinions, and facts expressed in this episode have not been reviewed and are not endorsed by us. Always think rationally and for yourself.

In this episode we speak with Redmond Weissenberger, the founder of The Mises Institute of Canada.

Topics include:

  • How Redmond founded The Mises Institute of Canada
  • His path into learning about Austrian economics through Adam Smith’s, “The Wealth of Nations
  • Redmond’s experiences on China and how it is more free-market in many ways than the US
  • Alex Jones helped awaken Redmond to anarcho-capitalism
  • How Global Warming is a sham
  • Redmond’s view that artists are the biggest capitalists of us all, despite usually being very socialist

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