This is an episode of Anarchast from before Patrick, Kason, and Disenthrall took ownership of the show. The views, opinions, and facts expressed in this episode have not been reviewed and are not endorsed by us. Always think rationally and for yourself.

Jeff Berwick, in Acapulco, Mexico, talks with Smuggler, the author of The Second Realm, from parts unknown   Topics include:  

  • Jeff hosts a second interview with a self-proclaimed crypto-anarcho-capitalist
  • Smuggler is the first guest on Anarchast to actually look like how the media portrays anarchists… with a face scarf and voice transcoded
  • How he started with a belief that men should never rule other men
  • How Rothbard’s, “Ethics of Liberty”  pushed him over the edge
  • The two things that are fascinating for personal freedom with computers
  • How computers are a two-edged sword for liberty or oppression
  • Smuggler disputes Jeff’s contention that millions of 13 year old computer nerd boys can defeat the state and the battle is very much, undecided
  • Technology will map out the future — call to arms — we need more people to master technology to win this battle
  • The internet was devised by the state to circumvent “failures” but how the free market has co-opted it
  • Smuggler believes the state has left it alone… “their restraint”, as a statist intelligence operation
  • Jeff has devoted his life to battling oppression and isn’t trying to hide
  • What we can learn from “Anonymous”… if it even really exists… and Smuggler disagrees with Anonymous on some of their tactics
  • “Anonymous” has become a media phenomenon… but they’ve become a multi-factioned freedom fighting civil war that crosses borders
  • The biggest problem with crypto-anarchy is that humans don’t live in computers
  • Agorism is anything that is ethical and defendable…. That is non-aggressive
  • What is a “temporary autonomous zone” and how to create them in your real life
  • For Smuggler, anarchy is “for whom you are loyal too and what laws you want to have”
  • And, anarchy is choosing what group, what tribe, you want to belong to
  • The concept of “voluntary tribes” or, as Smuggler calls them, “crypto-tribes of the mind”
  • How Jeff is creating his own anarchist tribe in “Galt’s Gulch Chile” 
  • Bitcoin is an outgrowth of the crypto anarchist movement
  • and, ya, wake the fuck up, listen to this shit….

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