Words are the labels we give to concepts so that we may identify them and communicate about them with others. Words can be quite a battleground when some attempt to disrupt, co-opt, smuggle in, or muddy their definitions. This can be disastrous to truth, rationality, and even life itself.

Definitional warfare can be used to acquire consent fraudulently, to get cooperation from someone in the committal of crimes, and even rewrite laws without ever being in front of a legislature or up for a vote. For example, if alcoholic drinks have been made illegal and you are able to convince enough people that “alcoholic drinks” actually includes anything you ingest which alters ones state of mind, then you have just outlawed coffee through definitional warfare.

This page will contain definitions for words that are commonly used in unclear, obfuscated, or manipulative ways or that are important to the understanding of liberty and the reality in which we find ourselves.

Anarchism / Anarchy:
The absence of rulers, governments, and all other non-consensual relationships between individual people.

Synonym of Anarchism, Libertarianism, and Voluntaryism. Due to the rampant misuse of the term by filthy communists many anarchists use these other terms so as not to be associated.

Free association and trade between individuals. Freedom in commerce. AKA Free Market, Laissez Faire

Coerce / Coercion / Compel:
To exert the determining or guiding influence on a person through threat or force to drive, constrain, or damage them.

Common misspelling of the word “murderer”. ;>

An act of reason resulting in the approval, assent, agreement, or willingness for an act or an infringement of an interest to occur.

Government / The State:
A group of people that claim the moral right to initiate the use of force on people within a geographical area.

The process of becoming the owner of some un-owned matter, transforming that scarce rivelrous matter into property, through making first use it. (Some call this the neo-lockian property norm).

A series of arbitrary labels or signals given to concepts for the purpose of communicating about them.

“Language is a lossy thought compression algorithm.”

Patrick Smith

The absence of coercion.

Objective and consistent rules derived from the consistency of reality.

Non-Aggression Principle AKA “The NAP”:
“The Initiation of Force is Always Wrong” A principle that, as an objective standard, if practiced by everyone at all times and all places, would eliminate violence and coercion. The principle includes, references, and requires a valid rational non-contradictory and universalizeable property acquisition reciprocal understanding.

Ownership / To Own:
The right to exclude others from the use of a thing.

Scarce rivelrous matter that is owned.

Rights are mutual reciprocal agreements between sentient beings. With sentience defined in a non-standard way- as possessing two capacities; advanced conceptualization and advanced planning & gratification deferral.

The state in which a person is considered the property of another and in which resources and labor are coerced and extracted from them absent any consensual agreement.

An argument is sound if it is both valid (see below) and if all of its premises are actually true.

That which is logically consistent (conforms to the rules of reason) and is congruent with the evidence (accurate to reality).

A position that conforms to logic and the rules of reason.