Guest Information

If you have been given this link you must be about to appear on Anarchast! Welcome! Here are some things that will help make the show a success.

Connection Options

We primarily use VMixCall. Its a link you can open in most any browser on a computer or mobile device that will send your camera and mic to our studio server for mixing.


We have a few fail-over options if VMix doesnt work:
– Larix Broadcaster (for bad internet connections)
– Skype (Last Last Resort)
– Zoom (Last Resort)

The best possible configuration will be for you to have a computer connected via a wired connection to the internet. The worst possible configuration is a phone on a wifi connection.

What We Need From You

Before the day of the show please send us 4 things:

1. Your favorite profile photo. This will be used for the thumbnail.


2. Your bio or how you prefer to be introduced. This is an opportunity to mention the things you are involved in or your achievements and accolades.


3. How you prefer to be contacted before or during the show if there are technical difficulties. Something direct and fast is preferred (phone, IM, signal / telegram).

4. Any links you’d like in the description of the show.

On the Day of the Interview

1. Your Join Link: We will send you a link to join the VMix Call 30 minutes before go live for testing.


2. Testing: If you dont do interviews often or are unsure of your set up or internet connection please connect asap so that we have time to fix any problems we find. If you are really unsure let us know and we can schedule a test session hours or days before hand.

If you are experienced and confident in your set up please connect at least 10-15 minutes before go live so that we can go over the planned flow of the show and any other logistics.

3. Go Live!

Audio Tips

Audio is actually more important than video for the most part. A quiet room with a mic close to your mouth is ideal. A loud or echo-y room with a cell phone mic far away from you is the worst.

Video Tips

1. The best lighting is from in front of you and a little above. The worst lighting is something bright behind you.


2. The best framing is where the top of your head is at the top of your cameras picture with you in the center horizonally. The worst framing is with a large gap above your head or with you off to one side.

We Look Forward to Our Interview! <3

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