There are many people that do not have time or enjoy sifting through the mountainous volumes of written literature published by the great Libertarian thinkers who often communicate their ideas through long back-and-forths that mostly appear on blogs and sometimes obscure web sites.

Much of the movements horde of philosophical gold can sit gathering dust away from the younger masses, many of whom prefer other formats for their educational materials like audio books and video. It is for them that we are going to begin reproducing, with professional quality, some of these great works here on our platforms so that a wider audience may benefit.

The series will be called The Book Club as a middle finger to those that disparage libertarians for being overly concerned with their study and debate of libertarian principle… The very practice that has brought the movement to where it is — poised to literally save the world!

If you prefer audio books or podcast media check out our soundcloud page below. If you prefer video check out our YouTube or pages below. If you have found an article that you think needs to be reproduced in this way let us know!

This video is a rendition of the following:
The Case for Radical Idealism by Murray N Rothbard


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